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0143 Annai Sri Sarada Deviyin Anbu Mozhigal (Paperback)

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• The Tamil book "Annai Sri Sarada Deviyin Anbu Mozhikal" explores the life and teachings of the Holy Mother, also known as Annai Sri Sarada Devi, who was Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's spiritual partner. The book provides a thorough description of her remarkable life as well as the tremendous affection she shared with her followers.
• The author delves into the many facets of Annai Sri Sarada Devi's character, her constant adherence to Sri Ramakrishna, and her compassionate demeanour, which led to her being dubbed "Anbu Mozhikal," which translates to "the words of love." The book illuminates the essence of her teachings and the influence she had on those around her through a combination of tales, teachings, and personal experiences.
• The book goes into the early years of Annai Sri Sarada Devi, her union with Sri Ramakrishna, and her subsequent function as a mother figure and spiritual mentor to the Ramakrishna Order's followers. It draws attention to her steadfast faith, sage advice, and unwavering love, all of which inspired and changed the lives of countless others.
• In addition, "Annai Sri Sarada Deviyin Anbu Mozhikal" examines the meaning of her teachings in light of contemporary difficulties and provides helpful advice on how to live a life that is spiritually enlightened. It highlights her message that the road to genuine fulfilment and inner serenity is one of universal love, altruism, and service to humanity.
• The book's straightforward writing style makes it suited for readers of all ages and educational levels who are interested in spiritual development, Annai Sri Sarada Devi's teachings, or the larger philosophy of the Ramakrishna Order. It pays homage to the life and legacy of this extraordinary spiritual luminary while giving readers a chance to absorb her profound wisdom and gain a deeper grasp of her teachings.