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Andal Statue - 5 Inches | Panchaloha Statue/ Goda Devi Vigraham for Pooja/ 330 Gms Approx

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• Hindu Goddess Andal is revered as a manifestation of Lakshmi and a prominent figure in the Sri Vaishnava sect. Crafted from panchaloha - five metals of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and tin, this statue exudes a unique and captivating charm.
• Andal is depicted in a pose of divine grace, her slender form adorned with intricate jewelry and radiant with an aura of serenity.
• Andal is typically portrayed as a young girl, symbolizing her purity and innocence. Her youthful features and gentle expression capture the essence of her devotion and spiritual beauty.
• Andal is depicted holding a garland or a parrot, symbols of her unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna. These emblems add to the statue's charm and enhance its spiritual significance.
• The Panchaloha alloy lends a warm, golden hue to the statue, adding to its elegance and creating a sense of divinity. The metal's durability ensures that these statues retain their brilliance for generations.
• The statue can grace temples and homes, serving as enduring reminders of Andal's profound love for Lord Krishna and her unwavering faith.