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Ananda Ramayana -Attributed Set - Sanskrit - English

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The popularity of the Ramayana saw an increase following the sage Valmiki's authoring of it. Even though Rama's life had been relatively perfect and his life stories had been widely read by the public—possibly in fragments in earlier times—Valmiki did the nation a great service by writing the Ramayana, which is not only the oldest work of poetry but also remarkably original and unmatched. A number of Sanskrit Ramayanas were also written, including the Adhyatma, Mantra, Adbhuta, and Ananda Ramayanas. The Ananda Ramayana has a number of incidents from a later date that don't seem to have been written by Valmiki at all. The Ananda Ramayana is said to have been written in the fourteenth century by a renowned poet, a legend that is generally accepted.

The story of Kausalya's kidnapping by Ravana, which appears in the first Sarga of the Sara-kanda, is among the most intriguing aspects of this Ramayana. Additionally, this Ramayana depicts the legendary qualities of Rama and his siblings, tells the story of Sita's birth, Ravana's carrying of Parvati, Hanuman's skill, etc. Aside from Rama, Sita, and the other kavacas, this Ramayana also features a unique coverage that highlights the Ramaraksa-stotras, a thousand names of Rama, and the formation of numerous varieties of Ramabhadra and Ramalingatobhadras.

Ten Kandas make up the current edition's translation, which begins with the Sara-kanda and ends with the Purna-kanda. This wonderful Sanskrit translation of the Ramayana has never been done before in English. The translator has put a lot of effort into trying to translate the Ananda Ramayana accurately.