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Amman Face Set | Stone Face/ Stone Amman Face for Deity

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• Each Swamy-Amman Face Set is a masterwork of detail, embodying the elegance and tranquility of the divine feminine.
• Decorate your sacred environment with these exquisitely made Amman faces that exude devotion and spiritual energy.
• The Varalakshmi Amman face is a sign of wealth and well-being, capturing the essence of abundance and success and it is an eternal reminder of the goddess' favors, with delicate features and a tranquil face.
• Perfect for devotion or decoration, our Swamy-Amman Face Set presents a harmonic fusion of tradition and craftsmanship.
• Every ammavari faces is carved to convey reverence and amazement for the divine in all of its facets.
• These Amman faces create a feeling of peace and reverence whether they are placed on your home altar, in your meditation area, or in your place of worship.
• Discover the eternal beauty and spiritual significance of our Swamy-Amman Face Set, which is a symbol of Hindu culture's enduring strength of reverence and devotion.
• The ammavari faces wonderfully displays the faith and devotion which can help you embrace the holy presence in your house.