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Agarbathi Stand - 2 Inches | Diamond Design/ Brass Incense Stick Holder for Pooja/ 20 Gms Approx

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SKU 5250648
Width Height Depth Weight

1.75 in

2 in

1.75 in

0.02 kg

• Elevate your spiritual rituals with this intricately designed Brass Agarbathi Stand.
• This incense stick holder not only serves its functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to your prayer space.
• Made from high-quality brass, this agarbathi stand is a symbol of durability and traditional craftsmanship.
• The Incense stick stand is made from premium-quality brass, ensuring sturdiness and longevity.
• Brass is chosen for its corrosion-resistant properties, making it an ideal material for religious artifacts.
• The Incense stick Holder features a carefully crafted design that combines traditional aesthetics with functionality.
• The Incense holder is designed to hold multiple incense sticks simultaneously. It provides a convenient and organized way to burn incense during your prayers, meditation, or spiritual practices.
• The base of the agarbatti stand is designed for stability, ensuring that it remains steady during use. This stability prevents accidental tipping or movement, providing a safe environment for your religious rituals.
• Apart from its use as an incense holder, the brass stand can also be a decorative piece for your home altar or prayer room.
• The Brass Agarbatti Stand makes for a thoughtful and auspicious gift for religious occasions, housewarmings, or festivals. Its traditional design and functionality make it a meaningful and elegant present.
• Bring a touch of tradition and sophistication to your prayer area with the Brass Agarbatti Stand.
• Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this incense stick stand combines functionality with timeless design.
• Order now to add a sacred element to your spiritual rituals.