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Brass Abhisheka Plate Vaarp - 3.5 x 8 Inches | Abhishekam Plate/ Thirumanjana Tray for Pooja/ 720 Gms Approx

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8 in

3.5 in

0.72 kg

• A sacred vessel used in Hindu religious rites is called an Abhisheka plate, also known as an abhishek patra or Abhisheka Plate Vaarp / Varpu / deep plate. The ritual of washing or anointing deities with holy substances, including water, milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, and different herbal mixtures, is known as "Abhisheka".
• It is a means of expressing adoration and respect for the deity that is the object of worship. In order to hold the liquids used during the ceremony, the Abhisheka Vaarp is often made of a round shaped plate with raised sides.
• The brass plate is used to pour the holy fluids over the deity's image or idol as prayers are said during an abhisheka ceremony.
• Devotees believe that performing this act brings benefits and divine grace because it represents cleansing and revitalising the deity.
• During festivals and special occasions, this Abhisheka plate is ideal for use, even in temples or shrines. They are regarded as an essential component of religious practises and have significance in various Hindu traditions.