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Aasai Ennum Vedam - Tamil

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•Balakumaran, a well-known and prolific author of Tamil literature, is the author of the tamil novel book "Aasai Ennum Vedam" in the Tamil language. Since its initial publication in 1996, the book has grown to become a classic of Tamil literature.
• In addition to more than 150 books, Balakumaran also produced a large number of short stories, articles, and screenplays.
• He was renowned for his adaptability and capacity to engage readers from different backgrounds. Since its release, "Aasai Ennum Vedam" has garnered several prizes and recognitions and is regarded as one of his most well-known and enduring works.
• The protagonists of "Aasai Ennum Vedam" are two young lovers named Kumaravel and Meenakshi, who come from different castes and encounter many challenges on their path to bliss. The book looks at issues including social injustice, love, caste, and tradition.
• This tamil novel book is renowned for its accurate representation of rural Tamil Nadu and the intricate social forces that shape life in these areas. The complex grasp of human interactions and the profound empathy for the sufferings of common people distinguish Balakumaran's writing.