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Aadi Month Pkg for Godesses-2024 | 1 st Day Of Aadi Month: Bhagavathi Seva

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In Hindu tradition, the Tamil month of Aadi (mid-July to mid-August) holds special significance, particularly for worshiping the divine feminine energy or Goddess Amman. Aadi Fridays, in particular, are considered highly auspicious for conducting poojas (ritualistic worship) dedicated to Goddess Amman.

Bhagavathi Seva Ritual:
Adi Pirappu marks the beginning of the Tamil month of Aadi, which is considered highly auspicious for worshiping Goddess Bhagavathi. Devotees view this day as an opportunity to seek her blessings for prosperity, well-being, and protection from negative energies.
Symbolism of Goddess Bhagavathi: Goddess Bhagavathi is revered as the embodiment of divine feminine energy, representing strength, wisdom, and compassion. She is worshipped in various forms across different regions of India, each reflecting specific attributes and qualities. Bhagavati Seva is an ancient Vedic ceremony intended to restore balance in the environment and bring peace within us and in the world. It balances the malefic effects of planets and keeps us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual upliftment.

Archana at Bhagavathi temple in Chennai:
Performing archana or pooja at the Bhagavathi Amman Temple in Chennai, or any temple dedicated to the divine mother goddess, carries several benefits and serves specific purposes: Archana or pooja involves offering prayers, flowers, and sacred items to the deity with devotion and sincerity. It allows devotees to express their reverence and gratitude towards Bhagavathi Amman. Devotees believe that performing archana or pooja invokes the blessings of Bhagavathi Amman. This is especially sought for various aspects of life such as health, prosperity, protection from harm, and overall well-being. Participating in temple rituals like archana or pooja is believed to purify the mind and soul. It offers spiritual solace and helps in cultivating inner peace and harmony. It is believed that participating in these rituals can mitigate negative karma and help in overcoming obstacles and challenges in life. By participating in temple rituals, devotees contribute to the preservation and continuation of ancient cultural and religious practices.

Service Description:

  • Bhagavathi Seva Ritual on 17th July-24 (1st Day of Aadi Month) - at 5:00 PM with 2 priest
  • Archana at Bhagavathi temple in Chennai