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Aadi Month Package for Godesses-2024 | 1st Friday Package 1( Grp) 19th July-24

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The Thiruvudai Amman Temple in Melur, also known as North Melur to distinguish it from other places with similar names, is dedicated to Thiruvudai Amman, the goddess of wishes fulfilment (Ichchaa Shakthi). She is worshipped as the goddess who fulfils the wishes of her devotees. The presiding deity Lord Shiva, known as Thirumanangeesar, is also worshipped alongside Thiruvudai Amman. Devotees visit Thiruvudai Amman Temple, particularly in the early morning, to seek the blessings of Ichchaa Shakthi for fulfilling their desires and wishes. The temple holds cultural and spiritual significance for the local community and devotees who believe in the power and grace of Thiruvudai Amman. Regular rituals such as archana (chanting of sacred names) are performed to honour and invoke the blessings of Thiruvudai Amman. Special poojas and offerings are conducted during auspicious occasions and festivals, drawing devotees from the surrounding areas. Visiting Thiruvudai Amman Temple in Melur offers devotees an opportunity to connect spiritually with Ichchaa Shakthi and seek her blessing.

Offering of a Lemon Garland to the Goddess: 1) 1st Friday, Ichchaa Shakthi, Melur Thiruvudai Amman Temple

Lemon has the property to absorb negative energy and cool the fierce Mother Shakti. According to traditional practice, offering a lemon garland to the Goddess can grant prosperity, a child boon, relief from diseases, bestow longevity, and wellbeing. Offering a lemon garland to Thiruvudai Amman, especially on the first Friday, is a traditional practice observed by devotees seeking blessings from Ichchaa Shakthi. 

Thiruvudai Amman is revered as the goddess of wishes fulfillment. Offering a lemon garland is believed to invoke her blessings to fulfil devotees' desires and aspirations. Lemons are believed to have purifying properties and are offered as garlands to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibrations. Offering a lemon garland is a gesture of devotion and faith, expressing gratitude to Thiruvudai Amman and seeking her favour.

Durga Parameswari Homam:
The Durga Parameswari Homam is a powerful ritual dedicated to Goddess Durga, also known as Mahishasura Mardini, who embodies the primordial energy and divine power to overcome evil and obstacles. Durga is revered as the divine mother and a form of Parvathi. She is celebrated for her role in defeating the demon Mahishasura, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Purpose of the Homam:
The homam is performed to alleviate physical and mental challenges faced by devotees. It is believed to remove obstacles and negative energies hindering progress in life. By invoking Goddess Durga's blessings through this homam, devotees seek success, peace, and prosperity in their endeavors. Participation in the homam is believed to purify the soul and foster spiritual growth. Devotees believe that invoking Durga through this ritual provides divine protection and blessings for overall well-being. It promotes harmony within oneself and the surrounding environment. The Durga Parameswari Homam is a significant ritual in Hindu culture, particularly for devotees seeking strength, courage, and divine intervention in times of adversity.

Cow Feeding at Cow shala:
Feeding a cow is equivalent to feeding 330 million gods of Hinduism. Many saints and gurus have suggested the feeding of cows as a remedy for problems in life. Feeding cows is considered a highly meritorious act in Hinduism, often equated with feeding numerous deities and seen as a remedy for various life problems, especially during unfavorable planetary transits (navagraha dosha).

Service Description: 

  • 1 Temple Group Archana- Ichchaa Shakthi - Melur Thiruvudai Amman Temple
  • Offering of a Lemon Garland to the Goddess -1) 1st Friday - Ichchaa Shakthi - Melur Thiruvudai Amman Temple
  • Durga Parameswari Homam on 1st Friday (2 Priests) on 19th July-24 at 9:00 AM
  • Cow Feeding at Cow shala