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A Miraculous Rendering On The Bhagwat Geeta - English

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A Miraculous Rendering On The Bhagwat Geeta: Dnyaneshwar, as legend has it, was born in AD 1275 and died in 1296 at the age of 21. Without using verifiable historical sources, hardly much is known about him other than what he said, which barely mentions his personal life at all. However, the story he told was of such remarkable quality that it has endured and thrived, both orally and later in paper, without a shred of marketing effort. His most well-known creation, Dnyaneshwari, is a large poem that is said to be a commentary on the Geeta, the most well-known religious and philosophical book in India.

Nonetheless, Dnyaneshwari is most likely an independent work that uses the Geeta as a guide while revealing every Indian philosophical system in exquisite verse written in the regional dialect and with much depth. Sanskrit is an ancient language used in the Geeta. This was as rebellious as it gets, speaking in the vernacular of the area. Rather than becoming the quintessential rebel, Dnyaneshwar was more of a pragmatist and depended less on revolution and more on persuasion and development in social problems. His work is replete with excellent scholarship on the state of knowledge at the time. His logic is well-founded and mostly derived from the natural world, and he has a keen understanding of human nature. He has a thorough understanding of both his natural and social surroundings, and he talks with scientific intuition about subjects that would bewilder a modern person. Above all, though, he was a visionary, a social philosopher with a remarkable sense for language who was stoic yet empathetic.