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A Comprehensive Dictionary Of Carnatic Music

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Carnatic music's ragas are an intriguing subject. Raga and Thala are the two main characteristics of Carnatic music. Thala deals with the metre. We may call it the basis upon which compositions are formed. Thala encompasses a song's rhythmic arrangement as well as the tempo at which it is sung, among other things. The raga that a song is set in determines its musicality. In summary, the raga is the fundamental melodic structure. Every raga follows a formula. This formula specifies the notes that make this raga. In truth, this would be overly simplistic. The formula truly sheds light on several subjects, including:
1. The following notes are present:
There are seven notes in Carnatic music. Five notes, specifically RGM DN, have variances, although S and P remain constant.
2. The order in which they are present: The notes may be ordered or disordered.
3. The direction in which they are found: There are two directions: climb and decline.
Notes that do not appear in the formula should not be used when dealing with that particular raga.
These four factors serve as the foundation for the development of a raga. Any variation from the formula pulls the presentation out of the raga, which is not allowed in Carnatic music. Most individuals are familiar with various raga names. For many, the familiarity ends there. They are eager to learn more about the ragas and expand their understanding. This book was created with this objective in mind.