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Gomti Chakra (White Nabi Shell)

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Gomti Chakra Nabi Shell - 11 Pieces | Gomati Chakra/ Naag Chakra for Vastu and Laxmi Pooja

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The Gomti Chakra Nabi Shell is a set of 11 pieces of Gomati Chakra or Naag Chakra. These sacred shells are believed to bring positive energy, good luck, and prosperity to the place where they are kept or used. They have a special significance in Vastu Shastra (the traditional Indian system of architecture) and are often used during Laxmi Pooja (worship of the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi).
Learn more about the Gomti Chakra Nabi Shell:
● The set includes 11 pieces of Gomti Chakra or Naag Chakra. Each shell has a unique shape and pattern, making them visually appealing.
● Gomti Chakras are found in the river Gomti in Uttar Pradesh, India. They are naturally formed shells with a spiral pattern on their surface, resembling the mythical Sudarshan Chakra (divine discus) of Lord Vishnu.
● According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Gomti Chakra is considered highly auspicious and is believed to possess the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance into the lives of individuals.
● Gomti Chakras are commonly used in Vastu practices to enhance the positive energy and harmonize the environment of homes and workplaces. They are also used during Laxmi Pooja to invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and seek her grace for financial stability and growth.
● Apart from their spiritual significance, Gomti Chakra Nabi Shells can be used as decorative items. They can be placed in puja rooms, meditation spaces, living areas, or even carried in personal belongings as a symbol of blessings and protection. Many people also collect them as unique and beautiful natural artifacts.
● It is recommended to cleanse and charge Gomti Chakra shells periodically to maintain their positive vibrations. This can be done by rinsing them with clean water or placing them under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.
● Please note that the spiritual and metaphysical properties of Gomti Chakra Nabi Shells are based on traditional beliefs and may vary from person to person.

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