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Giri Tiruman Long Incense Sticks

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Giri Tiruman Long Stick - 43 Grams | Namakatti/ Thiruman/ Srichurnam/ Holy Stick/ Tilak

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Tiruman is used to draw the naamam by Vaishnavites, which represents the place where Sriman Narayana is said to reside. These long sticks are made from natural ingredients and it can be used for religious purposes. In ceremonies, it’s given as a holy offering to deities to adorn them with tilak. It helps to calm the nerves. Thiruman is said to be good for the skin and adds a glow to it, while having anti–aging properties. Chandan also has properties which tackle heat, hence by using this Tiruman/Srichurnam which has Chandanam on daily basis reduces body temperature. Best in quality & it can be used for a long term. Thiruman on the face is drawn as two vertical white lines on the forehead. The Srichurnam is the colored line in the middle of the two vertical white lines. The white lines represent Sri Vishnu, and the colored line represents Sri Lakshmi. Together, the three lines are known as Naamam.
Features and Benefits:
● Srichurnam or Tiruman consists of turmeric, rice, and other aromatic ingredients.
● The tilaks were used to denote which sampradaya one belonged to. Namakatti or Tilak is clay has so many medicinal uses that it is commonly purchased when a baby is born. It helps treat pimples. They also decorate idols of God with this namakatti.
● Namakatti, which is available in all homes of Hindu people who do poojas at home, The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, especially the forehead and the spot between the eyebrows. The tilak cools the forehead, protects the wearer, and prevents energy loss.
● Stomach Pains: This works effectively for stomach pains. The paste is put around the belly button and left overnight.
● Eye abscess (kankatti): Rub the tilak with water and apply it on the eye.
● Sore throat: Apply the paste around the throat area, on the neck.

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