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GIRI Devotional Songs App (iOS & Android)

Giri Music is unlimited, free access to all your music and audio content. Spiritual, Spiritual, Bhajans, Classical, Fusion, Jugalbandhi, Indie, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi Music, For Free. Find your favorite Classical Artists, Devotional Songs, Bhajans, Music For Relaxation, Meditation, from Artists all over the World. Giri Music delivers the perfect Non Film Music to suit your mood. Find discourses, dramas, plays and other rare and unique genres of music. This app is dedicated to all the non film music lovers of the world, who are looking for seamless & memorable music listening experience with rich quality of sound and high quality of music. More than 100,000 non film music tracks to choose from.

Giri Music App
Giri Music App
Giri Music App

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Giri GITA Calendar 2022

Contains government holidays,Karinal,Mugurtham,Festival days.

Giri Music App
Giri Music App
Giri Music App

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Anushthanam App

App to help people across the Globe to perform the Spiritual Practices. And also help them get the products without any hassle



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