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Find God Inside You - Self Realization (Brahma - Jnana) - English

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Find God Inside You - Self Realization (Brahma - Jnana) - English

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The ultimate purpose of our life on this bhuloka is Brahma Jnana or Self Realization - finding God inside us, because, if we do not achieve this goal, we will be born again and again endlessly. The Self Realization cannot materialize unless we get rid of the vasanas accumulated by our jivatma during the past several rebirths.

Getting rid of the vasanas can only happen if we live our life as required by our Scriptures - Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta, Gita to name a few principal ones. After we get rid of the vasanas, we will overcome the maya or illusion that this worldly life is unreal or false.

After we are successful in removing the vasanas, as well as, overcome the maya, we will then experience the Self Realization, that is, we will then experience God inside our heart.

This book covers the specifics pertaining to what we need to "learn" and "practice in our life to successfully experience the Self Realization.

I have crafted this book "Find God Inside You - Self Realization (Brahma Jnana)" carefully to provide the best quality materials within my capacity: I pursued additional efforts to get clarifications done pertaining to several sections of the book through various Scholars. Yet, you may still find inadvertent errors.

Please realize that our Hinduism is like an Ocean and sometimes there are controversial interpretations possible for a particular topic(s) by different Scholars. So, there are bound to be difference of opinions on several sections throughout this book.

Therefore, while reading this book, please consider your observations, same as, HAMSA KSHEERA NYAYA (quality possessed by SWAN (vahana of Goddess Saraswati) that has the capacity to drink milk only and leave the water out).

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Table of content
ISBN 9788179508206
Author G.S. Nilakantan
Publisher GIRI
Language English
Pages 320
Height (Inches) 10
Width (Inches) 7.5
Depth (Inches) 1
Net Weight (KG) 0.74
Edition March 2019
Binding Hard Bound
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