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Diraubadi & Patrakali

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Diraubadi & Patrakali

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● By fusing aspects of fantasy, adventure, and historical fiction, Diraubadi & Patrakali is a riveting and entrancing tale that takes readers on an astonishing voyage through time. This epic story transports readers to a world where the past and present mix in an exhilarating adventure through its carefully woven narrative and stunning images.
● The narrative takes place in Diraubadi, a historical location rich in legends, supernatural creatures, and ancient customs. In this world, Dira and Patra, two extraordinary people, find their lives entwined as they set out to learn the truth about their ancestry and the mysteries of their homeland.
● A fearless young woman with an insatiable need for knowledge, Dira has a strong bond with the magical powers that mould Diraubadi.
Dira and Patra discover long-forgotten secrets and decipher ancient prophecies as they travel across vast landscapes, face terrible foes, and come across kind allies. They realise the value of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery along the journey.
● Readers will find fantastic creatures, breathtaking scenery, and intricate tapestries of cultures and history within the pages of Diraubadi and Patrakali. Readers of all ages will be engrossed by the story's flawless integration of magical, romantic, and political intrigue aspects into an engaging reading experience.
● Diraubadi and Patrakali in French challenge readers to consider themes of identity, fate, and the enduring conflict between light and darkness through their exquisite attention to detail and captivating array of characters.
As you delve into the pages of Diraubadi and Patrakali, get ready to be carried away on a magical adventure. This epic story will take you to a place where legends are created, heroes are raised from the dead, and destiny weaves itself in the strangest of ways.
● The Diraubadi and Patrakali books are exclusively available in French.

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ISBN 9788179508176
Publisher GIRI
Language French
Pages 32
Height (Inches) 7
Width (Inches) 4.5
Depth (Inches) 0.2
Net Weight (KG) 0.035
Binding Soft Bound
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