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Aagama Prathishta vithi (vol 1&2) - Tamil

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*Aagama Prathishta Vithi is a two-volume book in Tamil that deals with the process of consecration of Hindu temples according to the Agama shastras.
*Agama shastras are a collection of texts that describe the rituals, ceremonies, and practices of Hindu worship and are considered to be one of the primary sources of Hindu religious tradition.
*The Aagama Prathishta Vithi book is written in Tamil and provides detailed instructions on the various steps involved in the consecration of a Hindu temple.
*It includes information on the construction of the temple, the installation of the deity, the purification rituals, and the various offerings that are made to the deity.
*The book is a valuable resource for those who are interested in the construction and consecration of Hindu temples, as well as in the ritual practices of Hinduism.
*It is also useful for scholars and researchers who are studying Hinduism and its various religious practices.