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Pambu Panchangam 2024 - 2025 - Tamil | Krothi Varudam Panchangam Book/ Astrology Book/ Horoscope Book

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The Pambu Panchangam is a popular Tamil calendar published by Manonmani Vilasam Press in Chennai since 1883. It is known for its accuracy in astronomical calculations, especially for eclipses. The name "Pambu Panchangam" means "Snake Almanac" in Tamil, and the cover page of the almanac features a prominent image of a snake.

Learn More:

• Pambu Panchangam is a soft bound Tamil Hindu calendar and almanac, containing accurate predictions and events.
• The best way to keep up with traditional important dates and vedic daily markers like the name of the day, the thithi, the star, the yogam and the karanam, is to refer to the trusted astrological pamphlet to guide you the right way.
• With our Pambu Panchangam, following traditional schedules and obtaining its benefits have never been easier.
• Get a copy of our latest edition online at GIRI.
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