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Sri Krishna Karnamritam & Jnyanappana - Tamil | by Giri Publications/ Krishna Janmashtami

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• “Sri Krishna karnamritam and Jnyanappana book” is a Tamil Krishna song book that presents the devotional poetry of the 16th-century saint and philosopher, Sri Vallabhacharya.
• The devotional poem book is a compilation of two of his most well-known works, the “Sri Krishnakarnamritam” and “Jnyanappana”.
• “Sri Krishna karnamritam and Jnyanappana book” is a devotional poem book that celebrates the glory of Lord Krishna.
• It is composed in the form of verses that describe the various attributes and pastimes of Lord Krishna.
• The devotional poem book also contains philosophical reflections on the nature of the divine and the relationship between the individual soul and the Supreme Being.
• “Jnyanappana” is another devotional poem that is included in this book. It is a collection of hymns that celebrate the love and devotion of the devotee towards Lord Krishna.
• The Krishna song book also contains teachings on the importance of spiritual knowledge and the path to enlightenment.
• The Krishna song book presents the Tamil translations of these two important works, making them accessible to readers who not be familiar with the original Sanskrit language.
• Each verse is presented in Tamil script, making it easy for readers to understand and appreciate the beauty of Sri Vallabhacharya's poetry.
• Sri Krishna karnamritam and Jnyanappana book also includes detailed commentaries on each verse, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the spiritual and philosophical themes explored in the poems.
• The commentaries provide insights into the significance of each verse and its relevance to the contemporary spiritual seeker.