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Silapathikaram - Puliyur Kesikan - Tamil

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In Tamil literary criticism, Puliyur Kesigan is highly regarded, especially for his perceptive interpretation of Silappathikaram. His meticulous approach unveils the poem's hidden meanings and raises the reader's understanding of the poem's artistic worth. The commentary clarifies unclear portions and clears up any ambiguities in the original text. Kesigan's commentary provides an invaluable resource for comprehending the cultural milieu of the era by elucidating the habits and practices of the ancient Tamil people.

His commentary and explanations provide a close reading of the text, going into detail on its literary devices, cultural allusions, and grammatical structure. It is considered to aid in appreciating the poem's artistic merit and helping one understand its nuances. Kesigan's insights lead readers through difficult ideas and historical contexts, making the old epic understandable to modern audiences.