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Sambar Powder - 100 Gms | Sambar Podi/ Sambar Masala Powder

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• Discover the authentic taste of homemade Sambar with Bhojanam's Sambar Powder/sambar masala.
• This Sambar podi is a blend of natural ingredients, including aromatic pepper, flavorful cumin, and more, offering you the true essence of traditional Sambar without any preservatives.
• Indulge in the rich aroma and robust flavours of Bhojanam's Sambar Powder/sambar masala as you create a rich pot of Sambar that's reminiscent of grandma's kitchen.
• With no artificial additives, you can savour the goodness of wholesome spices of the best Sambar powder that not only enhance the taste but also provide health benefits.
• Bhojanam's sambar masala powder is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.
• Each batch of the sambar masala powder is carefully prepared to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy a flavorful and nourishing Sambar that's easy to prepare and free from any unwanted additives.
• This instant Sambar mix following the authentic Sambar podi recipe is the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry, offering you the convenience of a ready-to-use spice mix while staying true to the essence of traditional Indian cuisine.