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Saravali (2 Vols Set) - - SB

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Kalyana Varma, the renowned author of Saravali, lived in the 10th century AD. He ruled over a region called Vyaghrapada, believed to be situated in Madhya Pradesh. Based on the verses in his work, it is evident that he extensively studied the writings of his predecessors, such as Parashara, Varahamihira, and Yavana. Finding their works to be concise, he undertook the task of elaborating upon their principles. Find more such similar Hindu spiritual books, bhakti books, stotram books and more at the Giri book section!

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Saravali stands as a monumental work, indispensable for serious astrology students. It delves into various topics, including:

• Detailed descriptions of the 12 Rasis (zodiac signs)
• The limbs of Kala Purusha (the Cosmic Being) and their applications
• Synonyms for Rasis and Houses
• Zodiacal halves, their rulers, and their effects
• Rasi and Navamsa (divisional chart) rulers
• The significance of subdivisions, Vargothamamsa (highest division)
• Lords of decanates, Horas (divisions of a sign), Trimsamsas (thirds of a sign), and Sapthamsas (sevenths of a sign)
• Different Vargas (divisional charts)
• Benefic and malefic Rasis
• Gandantha (junctions of signs)
• Directions of Rasis
• Dig Bala (directional strength) and KalaBala (temporal strength)
• Day and night Signs
• Sirodara (head signs) and Prishtodara (tail signs)
• Strength of Rasi
• Synonyms of Bhavas (houses)
• Additional synonyms
• Kendra (angular houses), Apoklima (succedent houses), and Panaphara (cadent houses)
• Upachaya (increasing houses) and Anupachaya (decreasing houses)
• Exaltation and fall
• Long, medium, and short ascensions of Signs
• Favorable Rasis for journeys and colors of Rasis
• Planetary Characteristics
• Kalapurusha's soul
• Limbs from decanates
• Planetary portfolios, directions, and nature
• Synonyms of planets
• Planetary colors, deities, sex, caste, elements, robes, substances, periods, and Ritus
• Lords of Vedas and Worlds
• Descriptions and natures of planets from the Sun to Saturn
• Planetary friendship: permanent and temporary
• Five kinds of consideration of planetary friendship
• Planetary aspects and strengths: directional and positional strengths, temporal and motional strengths
• Ayana (season), Drekkana (division of a sign), Tribhaga (third of a sign), and Naisargika Balas (natural strengths)

Miscellaneous Matters

• States of planets and effects of various states
• Retrogression in exaltation
• Good results in mid-life Swakshetra (own house) and Moolatrikona (trinal house)