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Brass Aarti Camphor | Karpoora Aarti for Pooja Mandir/ Kapoor Dhani/ 125 Grams

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Brass Aarti Camphor | Karpoora Aarti for Pooja Mandir/ Kapoor Dhani/ 125 Grams

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Presenting the Brass Camphor Aarti, a sacred and ornate creation designed for Hindu temples and pooja rooms. Crafted from durable brass metal, this exquisite piece holds profound significance in the practice of worship. As a customary ritual, camphor is delicately ignited within the Aarti plate during poojas, emanating a luminous flame that symbolizes devotion and reverence.
Key Features and Benefits:
● To perform the Aarti, simply place the camphor in the designated holder and ignite.
● Emulating the celestial dance of the sun and moon, the rhythmic motion of the Aarti before the deity embodies gratitude, devotion, and heartfelt offerings.
● The radiant light serves as an offering, an embodiment of gratitude and humility, expressing profound spiritual connection.
● The gentle touch of the Aarti's flame upon one's hands, followed by a brief placement on the eyes, infuses the ritual with positivity and a sense of inner peace.
● Rooted in Hindu Sastra, camphor acts as a conduit for forging a divine connection with the deity, fostering a deeper spiritual bond.
● Regular use of pure camphor within this Aarti dispels negativity, ushering in enduring harmony, prosperity, and serenity to your abode.
● The longevity and allure of brass, coupled with its heat-resistant nature, render it an ideal material for the creation of Kapoor Aartis, ensuring a lasting and cherished devotional item.
● The ritual act of lighting camphor within this Aarti lamp transcends its physical presence, signifying purification, protection from negative energies, and the embodiment of divine illumination in daily life.
● With roots tracing back to sacred hymns and devotional melodies, the ceremonial act of waving the diya or camphor before the deity kindles unwavering focus and a meditative state of mind, while invoking blessings of the deity/deities.

Aarthi is done during Hindu pujas in Temples at homes.

There are different types of Aarthis.

  1. Camphor or Karpoora Aarthi,
  2. Nei or Ghee Aarthi,
  3. Single or othai
  4. double or rettai

It goes upto Pafive or Pancha Aarthi

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