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Celebrate Vat Purnima

Celebrate Vat Purnima

Celebrate Vat Purnima 2024: Date, Puja Vidhi, Timing & Tithi

What is the Story Behind Vat Savitri

The legend of Vat Savitri centers around King Ashwapati, who was childless for many years. He fervently worshipped Goddess Savitri, asking for a child. The goddess granted his wish, and a daughter, Savitri, was born. Savitri, embodying simplicity and divinity, grew into a beautiful young woman. Rejecting many royal proposals, she chose to find her own match and met Satyavan, the son of a blind, exiled king, Dyumatsena.

Despite learning from her father that Satyavan had a short life span, Savitri insisted on marrying him. On the day Satyavan was destined to die, she followed him to the woods. When Yamraj, the god of death, came to take Satyavan, Savitri pleaded with him. Though he refused to spare Satyavan, he granted her three wishes: the restoration of her father-in-law’s sight, the return of his kingdom and prosperity, and the chance to be the mother of Satyavan’s children. Bound by the third wish, Yamraj had to return Satyavan to life.

Why Do We Celebrate Vat Purnima

Vat Purnima celebrates Savitri's devotion and intelligence, symbolizing the dedication and loyalty of married women towards their husbands. On this day, wives pray for their husbands' long lives and prosperity by tying sacred threads around a banyan tree (Vat), a ritual reflecting their hopes for a strong and enduring marital bond.

What are the Benefits of Vat Purnima Vrat

Observing the Vat Purnima fast is believed to bring about the qualities of loyalty, dedication, simplicity, and truthfulness. Married women pray to attain these virtues, hoping to emulate Savitri's devotion and fortitude.

Observe Fast on Vat Purnima

On Vat Purnima, married women fast from morning until the next day. They dress in traditional sarees and jewelry, performing rituals with dedication. The fast is typically broken by offering food to Brahmins and is accompanied by listening to the story of Savitri.

Puja Items for Vat Purnima

For the puja, a thali containing five fruits (including mango), soaked chana, puris made of jaggery, akshat (rice), chandan (sandalwood), dhoop, incense sticks, sindoor, a bamboo fan, flowers, a kalash, and clay idols of Savitri and Satyavan is needed. Red thread and cloth are also essential.

Do's on Vat Purnima

- Wear traditional attire and jewelry.

- Prepare a puja thali with the necessary items.

- Apply kumkum, akshat, and chandan to the banyan tree.

- Offer flowers, fruits, and water while taking three rounds around the tree.

- Listen to the story of Savitri.

 Don'ts on Vat Purnima

- Avoid breaking the fast before the puja and rituals are completed.

- Refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food or indulging in any form of negativity.

- Do not skip the puja or the recital of Savitri's story.


Vat Purnima is a deeply significant festival celebrating the virtues of loyalty, dedication, and devotion in marital life. By observing the fast and performing the rituals, married women seek to strengthen their bonds and ensure the longevity and prosperity of their husbands, inspired by the legendary story of Savitri.

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