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Amman Arul Paadagal

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Amman Arul Padalgal - Tamil | by Giri Publications | Soft Cover/ Shlokas Book

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• “Amman Arul Padalgal” is a Tamil book that contains a collection of devotional songs and hymns dedicated to the divine Goddess, known as Amman or Shakti. These songs are sung in praise of the various forms of the Goddess, celebrating her divine grace and blessings. The book serves as a valuable resource for devotees seeking to deepen their connection with the divine feminine energy.
Book Description:
• “Amman Arul Padalgal” is a revered compilation of devotional songs and hymns written in Tamil. This book showcases a rich collection of soul-stirring compositions that pay homage to Amman in her numerous forms. The songs beautifully capture the essence of divine grace, protection, and blessings bestowed by the goddesses upon their devotees.
• The devotional songs in “Amman Arul Padalgal” are written in a lyrical and poetic manner, often accompanied by traditional Tamil musical notation. These songs are not only expressions of devotion but also serve as a means of connecting with the divine energies embodied by the Goddesses. They evoke a deep sense of spiritual bliss and inspire devotees to offer their prayers and seek the Goddesses' guidance and support.
• These songs describe the Goddesses' attributes, stories, and the immense power they possess to bring about positive transformation in the lives of their devotees.
• “Amman Arul Padalgal” is intended to be a spiritual companion for devotees, providing them with a repertoire of songs to sing, chant, or recite during religious ceremonies, festivals, and personal prayer sessions. The book offers a means to connect with the divine feminine energy and experience the immense love, compassion, and protection that the goddesses bestow.
• Devotees of the Goddesses, seekers of spiritual upliftment, and lovers of Tamil devotional music will find “Amman Arul Padalgal” to be an invaluable resource. It serves as a guide for expressing heartfelt devotion and experiencing the divine presence of the Goddesses in their lives.

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Table of content
ISBN 9788179503119
Publisher GIRI
Language Tamil
Pages 47
Height (Inches) 7
Width (Inches) 5
Depth (Inches) 1
Net Weight (KG) 0.045
Binding Soft Bound
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