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White Agate Mala 108 Beads

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White Agate Mala 108 Beads

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Embrace the healing and spiritual energy of the White Agate Mala 108 Beads, a meticulously crafted prayer necklace designed to support your meditation practice and enhance your spiritual journey. Each bead of this beautiful mala is hand-knotted, creating a durable and elegant accessory that radiates serenity and tranquility.
Product Features:
• The White Agate beads in this mala are carefully selected for their soothing and balancing properties. White Agate is believed to promote peace, harmony, and spiritual growth. It is known for its calming energy, which can help alleviate stress and promote a sense of inner peace during meditation and daily life.
• This mala consists of 108 beads, a sacred number in many spiritual traditions. The repetition of counting each bead while reciting mantras or affirmations helps to focus the mind, deepen concentration, and cultivate a state of mindfulness. The 108 beads are divided into four sections by marker beads, allowing for easy tracking of progress during meditation.
• Each bead in the White Agate Mala is individually hand-knotted, which adds strength, durability, and flexibility to the mala. The knots between the beads create space and prevent them from rubbing against each other, ensuring longevity and ease of use.
• The White Agate Mala is not only a spiritual tool but also a stylish accessory that can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. Its neutral and elegant appearance makes it suitable for both formal and casual occasions, allowing you to carry the positive energy and intention of your spiritual practice throughout the day.
• The White Agate Mala is a valuable aid for meditation, mantra recitation, and prayer. Its smooth beads and tactile nature can help to center the mind, deepen concentration, and create a sacred space for spiritual connection. It serves as a reminder of your intentions and aspirations, keeping you grounded and focused on your spiritual path.
• The White Agate Mala 108 Beads makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift for loved ones who are on a spiritual journey, practicing meditation, or seeking inner peace. It is a symbol of support, encouragement, and the desire for their well-being and spiritual growth.
• Note: Due to the natural variations of gemstones, the appearance of each White Agate bead may vary slightly in color and pattern, making your mala unique and one-of-a-kind.

Product Details

Material Agate
Height (Inches) 16
color White
Width (Inches) 1
Depth (Inches) 1
Net Weight (KG) 0.034
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