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Uruli Flower Pot - 14103

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Brass Uruli- 2 Inch | Flower Pot for Home and Pooja Decor/ 70 Grams

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Introducing the Uruli Flower Pot, a captivating Indian decorative piece that seamlessly weaves tradition into your living space. This uruli exudes a timeless charm, elevating the ambiance of your home or office. Whether displayed empty or adorned with floating candles or flowers, it effortlessly infuses elegance into any setting.
Key Features and Benefits:
● Fashioned from brass and endowed with a smooth, polished finish, this uruli radiates both sophistication and durability.
● Beyond its aesthetic allure, urulis hold significance in Vastu practices, making them powerful conduits of positive energy. According to Vastu rules, the presence of an uruli, particularly when filled with water, acts as a purveyor of auspiciousness, dispelling negative energies from the environment.
● The water element within the uruli carries the symbolic role of cleansing and rejuvenation, actively working to neutralize negative auras in its surroundings.
● Maximizing the benefits of the uruli requires careful placement, allowing its positive influence to permeate and enhance the tranquility of the space it graces.
● Versatile in its application, the uruli finds its place in various settings – be it positioned before idols in the pooja room, adorning the main entrance, placed on a table, nestled on the floor, or enhancing the serenity of your balcony.
● This uruli is not merely a decorative article; it's a conduit for creativity and positivity. Embrace your artistic inclinations by filling it with water and adorning it with flowers or lemons, creating a captivating display of symbolism and aesthetics.
● The uruli's adaptability extends further as it hosts the gentle grace of floating flower petals or miniature candles, casting a mesmerizing allure during the twilight hours.
● Elevate your living space with the Uruli Flower Pot, an embodiment of both traditional charisma and contemporary sophistication. Its presence transcends mere decor, nurturing an environment of serenity, positivity, and holistic well-being.

Product Details

Material Brass
Height (Inches) 2.0
Width (Inches) 4.0
Depth (Inches) 4.0
Net Weight (KG) 0.070
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