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Thiruvadi Saranam Vol - 1 -Tamil

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Thiruvadi Saranam Vol - 1 -Tamil

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• The central idea of the Tamil book “Thiruvadi Saranam Vol. 1” is to submit to Lord Vishnu, who is referred to as “Thiruvadi” in Tamil. The relevance of seeking safety and submitting to the Lord as a means of achieving spiritual development and inner peace is explored in the book.
• The book's organisational design addresses numerous facets of submitting to Lord Vishnu's will. The concept of surrender and its significance in the world of spirituality are introduced at the outset. It continues by elaborating on Lord Vishnu's unique characteristics and properties while highlighting how submission to His feet can result in divine mercy, protection, and release.
• The book “Thiruvadi Saranam Vol. 1” discusses a variety of surrender-related subjects, including the concept of surrender, the various types of submission, and the customs and rituals related to surrendering to Lord Vishnu. The Vedas, Puranas, and the teachings of respected saints and spiritual masters are among the ancient texts consulted by the author to give a thorough grasp of surrender as a spiritual practise.
• The author uses stories, anecdotes, and examples from real life to highlight the transformational impact of submitting to Lord Vishnu's feet throughout the book. Readers are encouraged and inspired by these stories to forge closer ties with God, experience the benefits of submission, and grow spiritually.
• “Thiruvadi Saranam Vol. 1” is published in Tamil; it is available to those who know that language and want to learn more about surrender and its role in spiritual development. Since the language is clear and expressive, readers may easily understand complex ideas.
• “Thiruvadi Saranam Vol. 1” provides a manual for people looking to investigate the surrender route and strengthen their relationship with Lord Vishnu.
• Thiruvadi Saranam Vol. 1 offers advice, lessons, and helpful tips to assist people in developing surrender as a spiritual discipline, resulting in a deeper experience of calm, devotion, and divine grace in their daily lives.

Product Details

Author P. Swaminathan
Publisher Sree Media Works
Language Tamil
Pages 256
Height (Inches) 9
Width (Inches) 6
Depth (Inches) 1
Binding Soft Bound
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