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Thirunavukarasar Thevaram

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Thirunavukarasar Thevaram

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• Thirunavukarasar A well-known Tamil literary genre with considerable cultural and religious significance is called Thevaram. Thevaram, which translates to “Divine Garland,” is a collection of songs written by Thirunavukarasar, also known as Appar, who was a renowned Shaiva Nayanar (saint) in ancient Tamil Nadu.
• The profound spiritual journey of Thirunavukarasar, who lived in the seventh century CE, is vividly depicted in the book. Born into a non-Hindu family, Thirunavukarasar eventually converted to Shaivism after going through a life-altering experience. He wrote a large number of hymns, which are collected in the Thirunavukarasar Thevaram, all of which were inspired by his devotion and search for the divine.
• Thevaram is a gold mine of spiritual and philosophical knowledge that reflects the poet's close relationship with Lord Shiva. The hymns portray Thirunavukarasar's challenges, personal experiences, and steadfast confidence in Shiva in a wonderful way. He examines numerous facets of devotion, morals, ethics, and the ultimate pursuit of emancipation through his lyrics.
• Thirunavukarasar Thevaram contains lyrics that are noted for their lyrical beauty and spiritual profundity. The verses are written in traditional Tamil. The book is broken up into several sections, each of which is devoted to a particular deity or temple connected to Lord Shiva. The hymns of Thirunavukarasar not only extol the virtues of Shiva but also shed light on the social, cultural, and religious climate of his period.
• In Tamil Nadu, Thirunavukarasar Thevaram has been crucial to the growth and spread of Shaivism. It has long been venerated and chanted by followers, and it has had an immense influence on Tamil literature, music, and religious practises. Offering a comprehensive grasp of devotion and the road to spiritual enlightenment, the book continues to motivate and direct spiritual searchers.

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Author P.R.Natarasan
Publisher Uma Pathipagam
Language Tamil
Pages 552
Height (Inches) 8.9
Width (Inches) 5.8
Depth (Inches) 1.0
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Binding Hard Bound
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