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The Book Of Veda Vyaasa(Krshnaavatara)

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Krishnavatara VI The Book Of Veda Vyaasa(Krshnaavatara)

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● Krishnavatara VI: The Book Of Veda Vyaasa” by K. M. Munshi is an enthralling continuation of the epic historical fiction series that vividly brings to life the timeless saga of Lord Krishna.
● In this sixth installment of the Krishnavatara series, acclaimed author K. M. Munshi takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the pages of history, mythology, and human emotions.
● With intricate attention to detail and a masterful command over language, Munshi recreates the era of Dvapara Yuga, when divine interventions and mortal destinies entwined in a cosmic dance.
● The Book Of Veda Vyaasa” unveils the story of the great sage Veda Vyaasa – a sage, poet, and the legendary compiler of the Vedas.
● Munshi artfully narrates the events leading up to the composition of the Mahabharata, one of the world's most profound epics.
● Through Veda Vyaasa's eyes, readers are transported to an era of complexity, ethical dilemmas, and profound spiritual teachings.
● As the tale unfolds, readers witness the intertwining lives of key characters, both divine and mortal. Lord Krishna's presence continues to guide the destinies of Pandavas and Kauravas, and the intricate threads of love, friendship, ambition, and intrigue weave a rich tapestry of emotions.
● “Krishnavatara VI: The Book Of Veda Vyaasa” is more than just a historical narrative; it is a philosophical exploration, a tribute to ancient wisdom, and an homage to the power of storytelling.
● Munshi's deep reverence for the source material is evident in his meticulous research and his ability to breathe life into characters who have shaped the collective consciousness of a nation.
● Indulge in the sixth installment of the Krishnavatara series and experience the magic of “The Book Of Veda Vyaasa,” where the past comes alive and wisdom resonates through the ages.

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Table of content
ISBN 9788172764739
Author K M Munshi
Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language English
Pages 218
Height (Inches) 18
Width (Inches) 1
Binding Soft Bound
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