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Stone Mukut Mala

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Stone Mala with Kireedam Set - 2.5 Inches | Stone Necklace and Mukut/ Multi Colour/ Deity Jewellery

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● The Stone Mala and Kireedam Set for Deity Idol Decoration is an ornate accessory designed to adorn the deity idol during religious ceremonies and festivities.
● This Mukut mala set includes a stone mala (deity necklace) and a kireedam (crown), adding an opulent and majestic touch to the Swamy alangaram (decoration).
● This Deity jewellery is made of good-quality material that ensures its durability.
● The mala is designed to drape elegantly around the neck of the deity idol, enhancing its visual appeal and radiance.
● The Kireedam, or crown, is a significant part of the Swamy alangaram, symbolizing the deity's divinity, authority, and royal presence.
● It featuring a combination of stones, and ornamental designs. The kireedam is designed to securely fit on the deity's head, creating a majestic and regal appearance.
● During Varalakshmi puja and Navaratri, adorning the deity idol with the Stone Mala and Kireedam Set signifies devotion, reverence, and celebration. The intricate details, vibrant colours, and radiant beauty of the set contribute to the overall ambiance and sanctity of the Swamy alangaram.
● The act of placing it on your Deity's head is a gesture of respect and gratitude towards the divine.
● Mukut anf mala gives a look of pride to our beloved Gods and Godesses.
● By adorning the deity idol with the Stone Mala and Kireedam Set, you create a regal and divine appearance that reflects the devotion and reverence towards the deity.
● Experience the divine splendor and grace of the Stone Mala and Kireedam Set for Swamy Alangaram.
● Giri offers various sizes of kireedam and mala sets to cater to the specific needs and preferences of devotees. Whether you have a small home shrine or a larger temple space, you can choose the appropriate size that fits your deity idol and worship setup.

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Height (Inches) 2.5
Width (Inches) 2
Net Weight (KG) 0.015
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