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Sri Jeyadevakavi Virachit Geetagovinda Mahakavyam

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Geeta Govindam - Sanskrit

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• Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ancient Sanskrit literature with the Geeta Govindam, a timeless masterpiece that combines poetry, music, and devotion. This Sanskrit book showcases the profound and exquisite verses composed by the legendary poet Jayadeva.
• The Geeta Govindam is a renowned poetic work that narrates the divine love story of Lord Krishna and Radha. It consists of 12 chapters, each portraying different episodes and emotions of their divine union.
• Jayadeva's eloquent verses bring to life the passionate love, longing, and devotion shared between the divine couple, captivating readers with their lyrical beauty.
• This Sanskrit book is a treasure trove of rich symbolism, vivid descriptions, and intricate wordplay. The verses are structured in a unique lyrical format called “ashtapadi,” featuring eight-line stanzas that evoke a melodic rhythm.
• The verses are not only a source of literary delight but also serve as a spiritual guide, inspiring readers to deepen their devotion and experience the divine love within their own hearts.
• The Geeta Govindam is not merely a book; it is an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey. It invites readers to explore the depths of devotion, explore the complexities of human emotions, and a higher understanding of divine love.
• Each verse carries profound meaning and unveils layers of spiritual wisdom, touching the soul and igniting a deeper connection with the divine.
• This edition of the Geeta Govindam is meticulously crafted, featuring the original Sanskrit verses.
• Embark on a poetic and spiritual odyssey with the Geeta Govindam - a Sanskrit book that resonates with the essence of devotion, love, and the eternal bond between the human and the divine.

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Pages 48
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