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Trishul (trident) is a weapon of lord Shiva but it is also used as Hindu symbol. "Tri" means three and "Shul" means spear or something which pokes. Therefore, the Trishul means three spears, Three spears are cobmined into one which looks like above picture. It is a lethal weapon generally made up of brass or iron. The outer two points are curved and the middle point is sharply pointed. The middle spear is a little bit longer than the other two equal-sized spears and it is mounted on a long metal shaft. The height of the Trishul depends upon the idol or the user but it is generally 4-5 feet.

Lord Shiva is always depicted as having Trushul in his hand or by his side. Trishul in his hand or by his side. It is the main weapon of Lord Shiva and he kills demons with it. Goddess Durga is also shown to have Trishul as one of her weapons. Some Hindu sadhus also carry Trishul made up of brass with them for protection as well as a symbol of Lord Shiva. A Trishul is kept in Hindu temples of Lord Shiva and in the tmeple Hindu Goddesses. Trishul is also printed as tilak between the eyebtows. Pepole also use Trishul as a body tattoo.

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Height (Inches) 6
Width (Inches) 2
Depth (Inches) 1
Net Weight (KG) 0.04

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