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Snana Powder

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Sarvodaya Snana Powder - 100 Gms

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Want to have a naturally refreshing bathing experience? Sarvodaya Snana Powder is the perfect product for you! It is a rejuvenating and nourishing bathing powder that is crafted from a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients known for their skin-nourishing properties. These ingredients include herbs, botanical extracts, aromatic spices, and essential oils, all chosen to provide a holistic bathing experience.

Learn more about Snana Powder!
• This bathing powder is designed to revitalize and refresh your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. The carefully chosen combination of ingredients helps to cleanse and exfoliate, removing impurities and promoting a healthy glow.
• Sarvodaya Snana Powder is formulated to hydrate and moisturize your skin, replenishing its natural moisture barrier. The ingredients work together to lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and well-nourished.
• The powder releases a delightful and soothing aroma when mixed with water, creating a sensory bathing experience. The gentle fragrance uplifts your senses, providing a calming and serene atmosphere during your bathing ritual.
• Sarvodaya Snana Powder is crafted with a focus on gentle care for your skin. The natural ingredients are selected to be mild and suitable for various skin types, ensuring a gentle and nourishing experience with every use.
• Using Sarvodaya Snana Powder is effortless. Simply mix a small amount of the powder with water to create a smooth paste, and gently apply it to your body. Allow the paste to rest on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off to experience the full benefits of its exfoliation.
• The Sarvodaya Snana Powder is designed to be environmentally friendly, with a focus on sustainability. The use of natural ingredients minimizes the impact on the environment, making it a conscious choice for those who care about eco-friendly practices.
• Reveal radiant and nourished skin while enjoying the calming effects of this exquisite bathing powder. Treat yourself to the indulgence you deserve with Sarvodaya Snana Powder.

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Height (Inches) 5.0
Width (Inches) 4.0
Depth (Inches) 1.5
Net Weight (KG) 0.100
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