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Navagraha Pet - 1 Muzham | Navagraha Thundu/ Cloth Set for Navagraha Shanti Pooja/ Nine Colour/ Silk Material

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Navagraha Pet - 1 Muzham | Navagraha Thundu/ Cloth Set for Navagraha Shanti Pooja/ Nine Colour/ Silk Material

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● Introducing the Silk Navagraha Cloth Set, a sacred and exquisite collection of silk cloths representing the nine celestial deities known as the Navagrahas.
● The Silk Navagraha Cloth Set is intricately designed to represent the Navagrahas, which are the nine celestial bodies in Hindu astrology. These deities include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Each cloth in the set is dedicated to a specific deity, symbolizing their unique energy and influence.
● The cloths are made from premium quality silk fabric, known for its lustrous texture, elegance, and durability. The smooth and soft feel of silk adds a touch of luxury to these sacred cloths, enhancing their visual appeal and overall significance.
● Each cloth in the set features vibrant colors and intricate designs that correspond to the specific Navagraha it represents. The designs incorporate traditional motifs and patterns that embody the divine qualities and energies associated with each celestial deity.
● The Silk Navagraha Cloth Set is designed in a standard size, allowing for easy handling and placement. The dimensions of each cloth are carefully crafted to provide a balanced and aesthetically pleasing representation of the respective Navagraha.
● The Navagrahas play a significant role in Vedic astrology and are believed to influence various aspects of human life. The Silk Navagraha Cloth Set is used for worship, meditation, and rituals associated with the Navagrahas. It helps devotees establish a connection with these celestial deities, seeking their blessings, guidance, and protection.
● The Silk Navagraha Cloth Set is ideal for use during Navagraha pujas, homas (fire rituals), or any ritualistic worship dedicated to the celestial deities. It can also be displayed in personal altar spaces, temples, or sacred areas as a representation of the Navagrahas, adding a sacred touch to the environment.
● This Silk Navagraha Cloth Set makes a thoughtful and cherished gift for individuals interested in Vedic astrology, spirituality, or seeking divine blessings. It is a unique and meaningful present for occasions such as housewarmings, weddings, festivals, or any auspicious event.
● Embrace the sacred energy and celestial influence of the Navagrahas with the Silk Navagraha Cloth Set. Its premium silk fabric, vibrant colors, and intricate designs capture the essence of these celestial deities, allowing you to establish a deeper connection and seek their divine guidance.

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Size 2 Muzham
Material Silk
Depth (Inches) 0.2
Net Weight (KG) 0.245
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