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Shivaling Stone

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The worship of Linga finds mention in Atharva Veda Samhita as Sthamba, symbolising the formless being, Lord Shiva, being the beginningless and endless sthamba for visibile expression of the invisible, from which the created world emerges from and finally returns to. Otherwise called - Shailaja Linga - made of stone. Usually consists of three parts, Brahma Bhaga, Vishnu Bhaga, Rudhra Bhaga (Pooja Bhaga). Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Linga, a symbol of transcendent power of creation and preservation. Ideal worship of Linga is through Abhisheka using Bhasma, Water, Rosewater, Panchakavya, Panchamritha, Vedhabhisheka (using vedic hymns). According to Saivaites, worshipping Lord Shiva through Linga will endure them to understand and orient with the one - the beginningless and endless .

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Height (Inches) 19
Width (Inches) 19
Depth (Inches) 14
Weight (Grams) 47840.0000
HSN 9703

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