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Raja Rajeshwari - 5 Inch

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● The beloved form of the divine feminine in Hinduism, Raja Rajeswari, is shown in the Raja Rajeswari Showpiece, a majestic and holy sculpture.
● Raja Rajeswari is revered as the epitome of elegance, power, and beauty. The Raja Rajeswari Showpiece, which was meticulously crafted, presents the goddess in a regal and majestic form.
● She is frequently shown sitting on a lotus throne, decked out in fine jewels, royal clothing, and numerous arms, each holding a different symbolic object.
● The centerpiece perfectly depicts the goddess' heavenly radiance and calm presence. The supreme goddess Raja Rajeswari, who embodies the virtues of love, compassion, wisdom, and strength, is revered.
● A focal point for devotion, spiritual practice, and inspiration is the Raja Rajeswari Showpiece.
● By putting it in your residence, place of meditation, or sacred shrine, you can make contact with the goddess and enlist her heavenly energy in your life.
● It acts as a reminder of one's own capacity to embody the divine feminine power and attributes.
● The Raja Rajeswari Showpiece is a gorgeous piece of art in addition to its spiritual value. It is a beautiful decorative object because of the detailed craftsmanship, rich color utilization, and careful attention to detail. It enhances the elegance, attractiveness, and cultural diversity of any area, serving as a topic of conversation and a source of admiration.
● The divine feminine energy as well as the virtues of love, strength, and wisdom are represented by the Raja Rajeswari Showpiece.
● Through this mesmerizing spectacle, let Raja Rajeswari enter your life and accept her grace and blessings as she leads you on a road of spiritual development, wealth, and inner transformation.
● Do not hesitate to add this beautiful aesthetic product to your house and office.
● Along with this elegant Decorative door Hanging, Giri exclusively sells other accessories for the gods and goddesses elegant decoration.
● Visit Giri's website and shop online. Drench yourself immensely in spirituality.

Product Details

Material Antique Finish
Height (Inches) 5.0
Width (Inches) 3.0
Depth (Inches) 2.4
Net Weight (KG) 0.950
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