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Thirumanthiram - Vilakkavuraiyudan

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The book Tirumantram is the Siva Agama in Tamil by Tirumool. In the line of Saivite rituals, Thirumantram comes as the tenth ritual.
* Divided into nine tantras, this book contains three thousand hymns.
Although the Thirumantram begins with Bhakti Prabhava, it then goes on to talk about upadesha, philosophy, yoga, meditation, chakra and wisdom.
* The Vedas should not be a collection of praises to God, but should be full of things that help one attain true wisdom. In that sense Tamil Veda is Thirumantram.
* Thirumantram is aimed at inducing knowledge rather than inducing feelings.
* Scientists of this modern age find that the world's total species of life (reptiles, birds, aquatics, animals, humans, and plants combined) is 8.7 million (plus or minus 1.3 million). Our Thirumool wrote that there are 8.4 million species in the world.