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Sinhasan | Stone Chowki/ Peacock Design Simhasan/ Bajot for Deity

Original price Rs. 22,400.00 - Original price Rs. 62,920.00
Original price
Rs. 32,400.00
Rs. 22,400.00 - Rs. 62,920.00
Current price Rs. 32,400.00
Size: 9 x 6 Inch
SKU 72507812
Width Height Depth Weight

6 in

9 in

4 in

0.355 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

5 in

7 in

3 in

0.24 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

8 in

11 in

6 in

0.66 kg

• This Simhasanam for God idols is a beautifully crafted and regal throne designed to hold and showcase the deity idol in all its glory. This exquisite simhasanam (throne) is available in both silver and gold finishes, adding a touch of opulence and reverence to your deity's abode.
• The Simhasanam for God idols serves as a divine seat for the deity idol, symbolising the divine presence and power.
• The God Simhasanam is designed to securely hold the deity idol, providing a stable and prominent place for worship.
• This God Simhasanam in Silver and gold exudes an elegant and timeless appeal, enhancing the deity's aura with its luminous and radiant appearance.
• The silver and gold finish represents purity and spirituality, creating a sacred ambiance for devotees to offer their prayers and seek blessings.
• This Simhasanam for god idols is designed to hold the deity's idol securely and comfortably. The throne is crafted with good quality to ensure durability and longevity, making it a cherished centrepiece for your puja room, temple, or altar.
• By placing the deity idol on the Simhasanam, you honour the divine presence and offer your reverence to the deity. It becomes a focal point of your worship space, radiating grace and spirituality.
• This Simhasanam is suitable for keeping your god idol during puja rituals or as a display piece in your pooja mandir.
• It creates a focal point in your worship area, elevating the spiritual ambiance and drawing devotees' attention to the divine presence.
• This Simhasanam is an ideal gift for devotees looking to elevate their pooja mandir's aesthetics and create a sacred atmosphere for worship.
• Please note that the availability of the Simhasanam in silver or gold finish may depend on current stock availability.