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Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam - Tamil

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This is a Tamil translation and adaptation of the classic Hindu epic, Ramayana, by Valmiki. The first two volumes, Balakanda and Ayodhya Kanda, present the initial chapters of the story, focusing on:

• Balakanda: Introduces Lord Rama's childhood, his training, and his marriage to Sita.
• Ayodhya Kanda: Depicts the events leading to Rama's exile, his journey to the forest, and his encounter with the demon king, Ravana.


• Simplified language: The translation aims to make the Ramayana accessible to a wider Tamil audience by using clear and concise language.
• Modern interpretation: Balakumaran's adaptation might incorporate modern interpretations of the characters and events, making them more relatable to contemporary readers.
• Additional commentary: The book might include author's notes or commentary, providing insights into the cultural and historical context of the story.

Target audience:

• Tamil readers interested in the Ramayana but unfamiliar with the original Sanskrit text.
• Individuals seeking a simplified and accessible version of the epic.
• Readers interested in exploring the story from a modern perspective.