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Shiv Ling Murti - 2.25 Inches | Panchaloha Idol/ Lord Shiva Lingam Statue for Pooja/ 430 Gms Approx

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• Elevate your spiritual space with the divine presence of the Panchaloham Shivalingam statue, a sacred representation of Lord Shiva.
• Crafted from high-quality Panchaloham, this Shivling embodies the essence of cosmic energy and serves as a revered focal point for worship and meditation.
• This statue is meticulously crafted from Panchaloha, a sacred alloy that typically consists of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. Panchaloha is known for its auspicious and spiritually significant properties, making it a preferred choice for crafting divine idols.
• The Shivling is a sacred emblem representing Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of destruction and transformation in Hinduism.
• It symbolizes the unification of the divine masculine and feminine energies.
• Meticulously crafted from Panchaloham, this Shiva lingam idol showcases intricate details and a smooth finish.
• The Panchaloham material adds a touch of elegance and durability to this sacred symbol.
• Placing the Panchaloham Mahadev Shivalingam in your home or temple is believed to invite the divine presence of Lord Shiva.
• It is revered as a source of spiritual energy and a conduit for connecting with the cosmic forces.
• During worship and meditation, the lord shiva lingam idol serves as a focal point for concentration.
• Its serene presence aids in channeling one's thoughts and energies towards inner reflection and spiritual awakening.
• Beyond its spiritual significance, this lord shiva lingam statue also serves as an exquisite piece of decor. Its timeless design and golden hue make it a meaningful addition to any sacred space, bringing a sense of tranquility and reverence.
• Embrace the divine blessings of Lord Shiva with the Panchaloham Shivalingam idol.
• Whether for personal meditation or as a revered centerpiece in your home or temple, this sacred symbol radiates spiritual energy and adds a touch of divine grace to your surroundings.
• Let the Panchaloham Mahadev Shivalingam be a source of inspiration and spiritual connection as you embark on your journey of inner exploration and devotion to Lord Shiva.