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Plate with Two Chandan Cup - 1 x 6 Inches | Sindoor Plate/ Kumkum Tray/ Haldi Kumkum Plate for Home

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Height Depth Weight

1 in

6 Inch

0.055 kg

• Sandalwood, or Chandan, is a sacred plant in Hindu rites and traditions. Chandan, revered for its refreshing and aromatic qualities, is used in many religious rituals and is regarded as sacred.
• The pooja plate presents cleanliness, auspiciousness, and devotion in Hinduism.
• The Plate With Cups for Pooja is a wonderfully created accessory that is important for religious rites and festivities. 
• Discover elegance and tradition with this indispensable piece. This elaborate set has a robust tray with beautiful motifs on it that is useful and aesthetically pleasing. 
• To create a spotless and well-organized environment, the pooja plate is used as a basis for positioning different objects used in pooja ceremonies.
• Two beautifully crafted Plate With Cups are included; these are typically used to carry sandalwood paste, a crucial component in Hindu ceremonies that represents purity and good fortune. 
• The cups enhance the ceremonial experience because they fit the dish precisely. The set also comes with a kumkum plate, which is usually used to apply vermillion powder, a sign of fortune and dedication.
• This kumkum plate ensemble, which blends ageless beauty with functionality and is ideal for home altars or temples, is a wonderful gift or addition to any home.
• This tray is a beautiful example of workmanship and reverence that can be used for both special occasions and everyday worship. 
• The pooja plate's exquisite appearance and practicality enhance spiritual activities.