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Panchaloha Coins Set | Vasakal Pooja/ Panchaloham Coin Set for Pooja

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Here we have a Panchaloham metal coin and Navaratnam Set, a stunning ensemble that combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the allure of precious gemstones. This metal coin set showcases the artistry and elegance of Panchaloham, a sacred blend of five metals, and the brilliance of Navaratnam, a collection of nine gemstones, creating a truly remarkable and auspicious combination.

Product Features:

• The set includes the Panchaloha pooja coin, which are made from an alloy of five metals - gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. Carefully crafted with intricate engravings and sacred symbols, representing auspiciousness, prosperity, and spiritual significance. The Panchaloha metal blend is believed to possess unique energies and is highly valued in traditional Indian culture.
• The set also features Navaratnam, which refers to the nine gemstones that are considered highly auspicious in Hindu mythology. These gemstones include a colourful assortment of diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, pearl, cat's eye, coral, and hessonite garnet. Each stone is believed to correspond to a specific celestial body and possesses its own unique metaphysical properties and benefits.
• The combination of Panchaloha coins and Navaratnam gemstones creates a harmonious blend of sacred energies, especially during vasakal pooja. This vasakal pooja set is believed to bring good fortune, protection, and positive vibrations to the wearer or owner. It symbolizes the alignment of cosmic forces and the attainment of spiritual blessings.
• This set can be used in various ways, depending on your preferences and beliefs. The Panchaloha coins can be carried in your wallet, purse, or pocket as a symbol of luck or protection. The gemstone pendant or brooch can be worn as a statement piece or incorporated into your favorite jewellery for an elegant touch.
• The Panchaloha pooja coin and Navaratnam Set makes a meaningful and auspicious gift for loved ones, particularly for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions. It is a thoughtful gesture that conveys blessings, prosperity, and well-being.
• To maintain the brilliance and luster of the gemstones, it is recommended to clean them with a soft cloth and store them in a jewelry box or pouch when not in use. Store in a cool and dark place to preserve its beauty and integrity.