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Pachaipudavaikkari - Tamil

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"Pachai Pudavaikari" (The Green Saree Woman) is a Tamil novel written by Varalotti Rengasamy, first published in 1965. It is considered a classic of Tamil literature and has been adapted into several films and television series.

The story revolves around the life of Ranganayaki, a young woman who is forced to leave her home and become a street vendor after her father's death. She wears a green saree, which becomes her signature and symbolises her resilience and strength. Ranganayaki faces many challenges, including poverty, discrimination, and violence, but she never loses her spirit.

The novel is known for its realistic portrayal of life in Tamil Nadu, its strong female protagonist, and its exploration of social issues such as caste and gender inequality.

Here are some of the key themes explored in the novel:

Resilience: Ranganayaki is a strong and determined woman who overcomes many challenges in her life.
Social justice: The novel critiques caste and gender inequality in Tamil society.
Importance of education: Ranganayaki values education and believes it is important for women to be empowered.
Family and community: The novel explores the importance of family and community support.