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Kalpatrayam - Sanskrit - English | Puja with Instructions | Stotra Book | Hard Cover

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• "Kalpatrayam" is a sacred guide that provides worshiping methods (puja vidhi) and namavalis in both Sanskrit and English.
• This hardcover Hindu religious book, featuring bold Tamil fonts, is meticulously prepared under the expert guidance of eminent scholars. This Pooja book includes pooja vidhi/kramam and namavalis dedicated to Sri Lakshmi, Sri Ganapathy, and Sri Saraswathi.
• The Hindu religious book is not only a source of spiritual guidance but also a thoughtful gift for devotees. It finds significant use during Ayudha Pooja celebrations.
• Kalpatrayam offers detailed worshiping methods and procedures (puja vidhi) for devotees to follow during their spiritual practices.
• The Pooja book includes namavalis, which are repetitive chanting of the names of deities, specifically focusing on Sri Lakshmi, Sri Ganapathy, and Sri Saraswathi.
• This Hindu religious book is presented in both Sanskrit and English, making it accessible to a wider audience with varying language preferences.
• The use of bold Tamil fonts enhances readability and ensures clarity in the presentation of puja instructions and namavalis.
• The hardcover format adds durability to the Pooja book, making it suitable for frequent reference and long-term use.
• Experience the divine essence of puja practices and namavalis with "Kalpatrayam" in Sanskrit and English, a comprehensive guide designed to enhance spiritual practices and serve as a meaningful gift for spiritual seekers.