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Jivanabhavam - Tamil | by C.G. Rajan/ Astrology Book

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• "Jivanabhavam" is an informative astrology book authored by C.G. Rajan, written in the Tamil language.
• This Astrology book provides valuable insights into various aspects of astrology, with a focus on the "bhavas" or houses in a horoscope.
• "Jivanabhavam" delves deep into the significance and interpretation of different houses (bhavas) in a person's birth chart.
• It explores how each house influences various aspects of an individual's life, including career, relationships, wealth, and more.
• The Astrology book discusses the impact of different planets on each house and how their positions in the birth chart can affect a person's life journey and experiences.
• "Jivanabhavam" provides practical insights into predictive astrology, helping readers understand how to make astrological predictions based on the positions of planets and the characteristics of each house.
• It offers guidance on how to analyze a person's life events, challenges, and opportunities through astrology, making it a valuable resource for both aspiring and experienced astrologers.
• Written in Tamil, this Astrology book is an excellent resource for readers who prefer to explore astrology in the Tamil language.
• C.G. Rajan, the author, brings years of astrological expertise to "Jivanabhavam," making it a reliable reference for those interested in the intricacies of astrology, particularly with a focus on the houses (bhavas) in a horoscope.
• This softcover book is designed to be a user-friendly guide for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of astrology and its practical applications.