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Elephant Deep Lady - 6.5 Inches | Brass Antique Lamp/ Vilakku for Pooja/ 700 Gms Approx

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• Elevate the sacred ambiance of your home with the Brass Antique Finish Elephant with Vilakku/diya, also known as Paavai Vilakku.
• This intricately crafted brass piece combines artistic beauty with spiritual significance, creating a divine presence that enhances your prayer and worship space.
• The brass sculpture features a beautifully designed lady standing beneath an elephant, holding a traditional vilakku (deepam).
• The artistic detailing brings out the grace and elegance of the ensemble, making it a visually appealing addition to your sacred space.
• The brass material is adorned with an antique finish, adding a touch of vintage charm to the sculpture.
• The antique finish enhances the artistic elements, creating a timeless aesthetic that complements traditional decor.
• The elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and prosperity in Hindu traditions.
• The lady standing represents grace and devotion. Together, they form a harmonious depiction that symbolizes auspiciousness and divine blessings.
• The lady holds a traditional vilakku, signifying the offering of light to the divine.
• Lighting oil lamps during prayers and rituals is a symbolic act of dispelling darkness and inviting divine illumination into the home.
• The durable brass material is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth will help preserve the shine and integrity of the sculpture.
• The Diya carries spiritual symbolism and is ideal for placement in your home temple, puja room, or any space dedicated to prayer and meditation.
• It serves as a focal point for devotion and enhances the divine atmosphere.
• This brass sculpture makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for various occasions such as housewarming, weddings, festivals, or spiritual milestones. I
• It reflects the giver's wish for strength, wisdom, and prosperity in the recipient's life.
• Immerse your sacred space in divine elegance with the Brass Antique Finish Elephant Lady Standing with deepam.
• Let the symbolic representation of strength, grace, and divine illumination enrich your spiritual journey and create a sense of auspiciousness in your home.