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Artificial Flowers | 2 Pcs/ Flower Decoration/ Fancy Flower/ Assorted Design

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Rs. 1,120.00
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Design: Roses
SKU 335811
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• Decorative Artificial flowers are perfect for enhancing the beauty and sanctity of your puja space during Navaratri and other auspicious occasions.
• Our collection features an array of vibrant and lifelike plastic flowers that mimic the elegance of fresh blooms. These flowers come in various colours, ensuring you find the perfect palette for your puja setup.
• Crafted from plastic, these lifelike flowers (fake flowers) radiate the beauty of real blooms without the worry of wilting or fading.
• Each set includes six meticulously detailed flowers, carefully handcrafted to resemble traditional Indian blooms. Their intricate design and vibrant hues make them a beautiful addition to any puja or Navaratri display.
• Whether adorning your altar, temple, or Golu display, these plastic decorative flowers add a touch of elegance and spirituality to your rituals.
• Their lightweight design makes them easy to arrange and rearrange as needed, ensuring your puja or Navaratri display always looks fresh and captivating.
• These flowers are not just decorative; they carry the essence of tradition and devotion, making your rituals and celebrations even more meaningful.
• Ideal for both personal and community pujas, these Artificial decorative flowers are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to fresh blooms, offering long-lasting beauty.
• As you celebrate Navaratri and engage in your puja rituals, let the vibrant energy of these plastic flowers enhance your connection with the divine.
• Order now to add a burst of color and devotion to your sacred space during puja and beyond!