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Sathya Narayana Idol | Copper Idol/ Narayana Statue for Pooja

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Polish: Gold
Size: 2.75 Inch
SKU 525040746

0.055 kg


0.055 kg

• Introducing the Sathya Narayana statue, a divine embodiment of cosmic harmony, elegantly crafted in Copper and Silver Plated for a celestial radiance. This exquisite piece captures the essence of Lord Sathya Narayana, the embodiment of truth and cosmic benevolence.
• The Copper Silver Plated finish creates a luminous and captivating effect, enhancing the intricate details of the deity. The copper base symbolizes warmth and grounding energy, while the silver plating adds a touch of ethereal brilliance, elevating the spiritual presence of the statue.
• Place this Sathya Narayana statue in your sacred space, and let the divine fusion of copper and silver inspire a sense of serenity and cosmic connection. The craftsmanship reflects not only artistic brilliance but also a deep understanding of the divine attributes of Lord Sathya Narayana. Whether as a centerpiece or a revered addition to your spiritual collection, this Copper Silver Plated Sathya Narayana statue invites you to experience the transcendent truth and benevolence that radiate from the cosmic deity.