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Practical English Grammer

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This Book Contains Sentence Structure, Word, The Noun - Kinds, The Noun - Number, The Noun - Gender, The Noun - Case, The Noun - Analysis, Personal Pronouns, Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns, Indefinite Pronouns, Relative Pronouns, Demonstration of Relative Pronouns, The Pronoun - Analysis, Adjective, Adjectives and Adverbs : General, Use of Adjectives, Comparison of Adjectives, Adjectives used as Nouns, Adjectives - their Position in sentences, Some Adjectives - Their correct use, Articles, The Verbs, Verbs of incomplete Predication, The verb - Active and Passive voice, The Verb - Mood, The Verb - Tense, Correct Verb Forms, The Verb - Person and Number, Agreement of the Verb with the Subject, The Infinitive, The participle, The Gerund - Verbal Noun, Verbs - Strong and Weak, Auxiliary Verbs, Conjugation of the Verbs - Love/See, The Adverb, Comparison of Adverbs, Adverb Formation, Position of Adverbs, The Preposition, Word followed by Prepositions, The Conjunction, Interjection, The Sequence of Tenses, Question Tags and Short Questions, Analysis, Phrases, Clauses, Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences, Transformation of Sentences, Direct and Indirect Speech, Punctuation.

Additional Information

Language English
Author E. S. Ramaswamy
Publisher Sura Books
Binding Soft Bound
Pages 466
ISBN 9788172540647
Weight (Grams) 455.0000
HSN 4901

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